ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 7, 2021 -- Asia Innovations Group (AIG) today announced its successful partnership with KDS One Studios in their search for the next hit boy band. KDS has produced over 300 million albums for some of the biggest artists in the US, and is known for cultivating some of the country's most popular acts, including NSYNC and The Backstreet Boys. It seemed only fitting to host KDS' latest search in Orlando and on August 21-22, over 14,000 people watched the audition live on Uplive. Those interested in joining the competition can continue to register and audition on Uplive. The next audition will be held in Nashville, TN on September 18th and will be live streamed exclusively on Uplive (@upliveus).

"With this boy band competition, Uplive continues to aid in the promotion of up-and-coming artists," said Andy Tian, CEO of AIG. "In addition to the in-person competition, the auditions have been broadcast and are available to over 100 million users on Uplive. Uplive's participation will allow participants to have access to their own fans along the way, only sweetening the incentive to audition."

Those interested in auditioning can download Uplive, tap the "boy band" banner on top of the homepage, and register. There will be several auditions in the coming weeks, but if travel is not an option due to the pandemic, performers can audition online through Uplive. Potential contestants can find more information, including the audition schedule, on Uplive.