Live Social Serves

Creating Job Opportunities and Empowering the Gig Economy

The core value of Uplive, our flagship video live social product, is to provide a stage for everyone to showcase their talents to the world, allowing them to earn a meaningful income from the comfort of their home using only a mobile phone.

Leveraging Live Social to Amplify Local Needs and Give Every Person an Opportunity to Thrive

We amplify local needs, building a global stage for awareness and support. As part of our mission, we help people demonstrate their talents and stay connected to the world through innovative technology, offering new career possibilities to many.

Supporting Disadvantaged Groups and People in Need

The concept of live social is to provide people, including those in underserved communities, a channel to stay connected with the world. As we seek to reflect this purpose, our donations go to a wide range of groups in need.

Our Initiatives

Donation During the Pandemic

Uplive celebrities and the entire Uplive Management team donated 8,000 surgical facemasks to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in April 2020. During the hard times, Uplive demonstrated great care for local communities in their fight against COVID-19.

Care for Those in Need

We share love and care where needed. We were one of the first to bridge fundraising with live social products and donated the campaign revenues to animal shelters in Taipei. Thousands of participants were motivated through Uplive to spread their love for those in need.

Power to the Talented

Zandy Storm's life was totally overturned during the pandemic. She became the champion of Uplive's singing competition and was awarded by American Idol alumnus Paula Abdul. Zandy has now released a single and is a step closer to reaching her dream.